Robert Laiks – 6th Dan


Bob began training with Shiohira Shihan in 1974. He has also had the pleasure of training with a number of excellent Shihans including: Koichi Tohei, Shinichi Suzuki, Shizuo Imaizumi, Koretoshi Maruyama, Takeki Tsuboi, Yasuo Kobayashi, Fumio Toyoda, Rod Kobayashi, Harry Ishisaka, and others. He has been teaching for over 25 years, and currently teaches the Friday class. He also practices Yoga.


Amy Steiner – 5th Dan


Amy Steiner, 5th dan, teaches the Tuesday general class. She began training in 1976 with Shiohira Shihan. She also trained with Koichi Tohei, Shinichi Suzuki, Fumio Toyoda, Shizuo Imaizumi, Koretoshi Maruyama, and others. She practiced Tai Chi with Ben Lo, yoga with Susan Brannum, and Pilates with Carie Matthias. She continues to practice these disciplines on her own. Her introduction to mind/body awareness training was from Swami Ganeshanad, a Crea Yoga master.


Sean English – 3rd Dan


Sean has been teaching the Tuesday beginner classes since 1997. He began training with Shiohira Shihan in 1990. He is a practicing chronic pain therapist in the bay area. He graduated from UC Berkeley in 1987.


Shima Harada – 3rd Dan


Shima teaches the Thursday basics classes. She began training under Shiohira Shihan in 1997. She owns her own CPA practice.